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Bilingual Preschool Education

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Macris Kindergarten

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Pre Kinder

Nuestro programa de Pre Kinder está diseñado para preparar a su hijo (a) académica y socialmente para su futura escolaridad. Guiamos a nuestros estudiantes a través de un currículo experimentado y balanceado con énfasis en el descubrimiento, solución de problemas, desarrollo de lenguaje, letras y sonidos, números, ciencia, naturaleza, valores, desarrollo motriz y el arte.

Our program is complemented with diverse activities such as open air games, field trips, and different events throughout the school year. These activities include our Spring Art Exhibit, driver’s education, Fantasy Week, and our Typical Folkloric Week. We also provide original and unique experiences for our students such as meditation in a beautiful Japanese garden and environmental awareness participating in the planting and harvesting processes in our own orchard.

One day at Pre Kinder

We start our day with student arrival.  We gather around and perform our daily prayer, thanking Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary for all our blessings and recite the oath to our national flag. Morning circles are set up where we review math and phonics. Learning centers include further mathematics, art, science, language and fine motor skill activities. On Wednesdays, our physical education class promotes motor skill development as well as relaxation. Students work to improve hand/eye and hand/foot coordination as well as strengthen their aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

Our focus

We focus on providing our students with opportunities to develop socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically through a stream of activities and experiences in various areas of learning. Students are loved and encouraged to work on their own at their own pace.


Our students in our Math class learn numbers, sequences and perform sets in a dynamic fashion; implementing concepts that are necessary to develop skills associated to his/hers everyday life.

English Language

Knowledge in phonics, vocabulary, pronunciation and comprehension   is acquired through songs, didactical games, short stories and rhymes. Our classroom set up is an interactive center that promotes English as a second language.

Spanish Language

We promote and emphasize the appropriate use of the language through pronunciation and strengthening vocabulary skills. Songs, stories and local cultural activities are widely used.


Stimulating the creativity and imagination of our students through the use of materials, such as pastels, watercolors, crayons, and paints, and diverse techniques enable children to acquire an appreciation and feel proud of their own accomplishments watching their own works of art being showed at local art exhibits and our own Spring Art Exhibit.

Gross Motor Skill Development

Sociometer exercises are performed to strengthen large muscles integrating different parts of the body and different muscle groups by movements that promote conditioning and physical stability.

Fine Motor Skill Development

We perform hands on activities that develop and improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.  Tear of lines, size reduction, collages, pasting in straight and patterned lines, are some of these activities. Figures and drawings help children practice on use of hand coordination involving a wide array of instruments and techniques.


Throughout the school year, we cover many aspects regarding the senses, human body, weather and seasons, our solar system and ecosystems that allow students to obtain basic scientific knowledge and create a desire to know more about the world around us.

We highlight the importance of taking care and loving our environment and our planet Earth. Students are actively involved in recycling and caring about our sources of fresh water.  We are very proud of our vegetable and fruit orchard and garden.  Students get firsthand experience in the soil preparation, planting, maintaining, and eventual harvest of the various products they help produce. The greatest outcome is finally consuming what one has produced.